What to see in the region

The jewels worth seeing

Are you planning a short trip? Or a holiday in beautiful nature with delicious food, luxurious spa treatment and tourist attractions unlike any other? Salaš Vígľaš and its vicinity is the right choice! What can you see and experience in the region?

A fairytale castle in Bojnice

You simply cannot miss the most romantic castle in Slovakia. This fairy-tale jewel of Europe which, in its ethereal beauty, resembles the most beautiful Gothic manors in the French Loire basin is just a few kilometres from Salaš Vígľaš in the heart of the town of Bojnice.


Animals in Bojnice Zoo

Beasts of prey, reptiles, elephants or monkeys. You can see the well-known European animals as well as many exotic ones in the oldest Zoo in Slovakia. Experience a journey around the world with these animals in a single day.


Falconers Aquila, Bojnice

In a natural amphitheatre next to the Bojnice castle falconers from Aquila group will show you their mastery of an art used by powerful and noble rulers in ancient times. The art of falconry immediately wins hearts of both adults and the smallest children.


Calvary, Bojnice

Bojnická Kalvária, the outdoor Stations of the Cross above the town of Bojnice directed towards village of Nitrianske Rudno and Salaš Vígľaľaš is hidden in a forest with a nice smell of pine trees. It was built by an administrator of the Bojnice district, Andreas Csicsmanyi in 1816. Thanks to the amazing air and the beauty around you, the walk through Calvary will please your eyes as well as your lungs.

Upper Nitra Open-air museum of Mining, Sebedražie

If you visit this mining museum you will most certainly remember how hard miners must work to provide you with the warmness of your home during winters. The museum outlines the history of mining and working procedures in this demanding industry.


Museum of prehistoric times in Slovakia

The town of Bojnice is a jewel of prehistoric times, being considered the most precious archaeological site of Neanderthals in Slovakia. Set out for a journey and follow the footprints of the most ancient inhabitants of the Earth.


Upper Nitra museum in Prievidza

Visiting this museum you will immediately enter the rich history of the Upper Nitra region. If the region could speak, it would be telling its tale for a very long time. You will find a lot of treasures from ancient times in the permanent exposition which describes the development both in the nature and life of people from the Upper Nitra region.


Mineralogical and Mining museum, Bojnice

Enter the kingdom of “inanimate” nature in the first private museum of this kind in Slovakia, which is in possession of an unbelievable 25 thousand exhibits.


Astronomical Observatory in Partizánske

Have you ever been laying in grass with your eyes fixed on the infinite universe during a summer night? In the observatory in Partizánske the stars will appear to be within arm´s reach. Do not miss the amazing show of a starry sky in this nice observatory nearby Salaš Vígľaš.